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    Chappaqua Real Estate

    Chappaqua is a hamlet in the town of New Castle. It was created by a group of Quakers in the early 1730s. The town’s name is based upon an Algonquian word for “rustling land,” a place where there is nothing to hear but leaves rustling in the wind. The Saw Mill River and Roaring Brook led to the creation of many farms and mills in the area and Chappaqua was a great producer of milk during that time.

    Life changed in 1846 when the railroad based a station in Chappaqua which led to a business district (which is still thriving) to grow up around it.  With the introduction of the railroad, the first commuters who worked in New York City came to Chappaqua. One of the most famous at the time was Horace Greeley, the editor of The New York Tribune.

    Today, Chappaqua is still the haven of many commuters, the site of a bustling downtown and home to the Clintons.

    The population of Chappaqua in 2007 was 9,683.

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