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    Goldens Bridge Real Estate

    As early as 1750 there were crossings across the Croton River in this area that were known by several names, “Coldens Bridge,” “Goldings Bridge” and “Goldens Bridge.” The bridges repeatedly washed away and were rebuilt. As Lewisboro grew, the bridges became increasingly important for commerce and travel. Goods were sent down the Croton River to Ossining (then known as Sing Sing) and eventually made their way to New York City.

    In 1847, the New York and Harlem Railroad built a station at Goldens Bridge, forever altering its path. As with many other local towns, there was an increase in dairy farms. There were many prosperous farmers in the area. Goldens Bridge became a major hub of commercial activity and growth until the development of the Croton Reservoir which took over much of what was then the “downtown.” By the 1930s, the dairy industry had decreased and the area was better known as a haven for commuters.

    One famous landmark is the Brady Mansion which was rumored to be a stop on the Underground Railroad. Goldens Bridge is also home to Lewisboro’s oldest fire department – founded in 1909.

    The introduction of I-684 changed the landscape of Goldens Bridge dramatically. The business district that was close to the train station disappeared. Today, there is a small shopping center with a grocery store along with many other shops across I-684 from the train station. The area is residential and home to many commuters.

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