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North Salem Real Estate

North Salem is a one of the hamlets in the town of North Salem. The other hamlets are Purdys, Croton Falls and Salem Center. The area was originally part of Van Cortlandt Manor and was later willed off. During the Revolutionary War, the town was site of the capture of the British army’s Major John Andre.  Historians believe this helped the Continental Army win at West Point.

The area was called “Upper Salem” until 1788 when it was officially changed to North Salem. It was a thickly settled town with many farms. When the train station at Croton Falls was built, the residents discovered a new market in New York City for their goods. Along with the train came summer visitors and wealthy New York City residents looking for a rural retreat.

North Salem is also notable along with Somers for the location of “showmen” or circus performers. The first hippopotamus in the United States was brought to a North Salem circus and George Bailey (the veteran showman) owned an inn in town as well, to cater to the traveling showmen and others.

Today the area is unique blend of historic and current architecture and home to many horse farms. Some famous residents are David Letterman, Alan Menken and David Marks from the Beach Boys.

The population in 2009 was 5,232.

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