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Somers Real Estate

Somers was once occupied by a tribe of the Mohegans who called the land “fresh water fish.” The land was part of Van Cortlandt Manor and the settlement began after 1700. The town’s name is a tribute to a Lt. Richard Somers, a naval officer from New Jersey who died in the Tripolitan War aka First Barbary War.  During the 19th century the area was home to factories, hotels, stores, an iron mine and a Christian Brothers sanctuary. The railroad did not pass through Somers but the excellent road system benefited local commerce which was increased by the railroad’s presence.

From 1890-1910 the Muscoot and Croton Rivers were flooded to create reservoirs for New York City. The town’s lakes provided a summer retreat for New York City residents in the 1920s and these seasonal cottages later grew into established year-round neighborhoods.

The town is also known as the “cradle of the American circus.” In 1808 Hachaliah Bailey brought an elephant to town named “Old Bet.” She was an attraction in town but also part of his traveling circus. The current town hall offices are housed in what was once the Elephant Hotel (now a National Historic Site) where there is a statue of “Old Bet.” The high school’s sports teams are called the “Tuskers.”

Today, Somer’s location close to I-684 and the Goldens Bridge train station make it a perfect spot for commuters. The town is also home to IBM and PepsiCo. There are a few planned residential communities as well making it a well-balanced blend of housing choices including Heritage Hills with its own shuttle service to the train as well as a golf course.

In 2009 the population of Somers was 20,031.

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